Our Story

Having fished for over 60 years, this Alberta fisherman figured he had the sport of recreational fishing down pat.   He managed through teaching his wife and two daughters (and later, a son-in-law) the ins & outs of boating, lake fishing and ice fishing.

Then along comes twin grandbaby boys to add into the boat.   And in their eyes, Gido (grandpa) can do it all!  It did seem that way………until that one eventful day in 2005 at Slave Lake. 

That day the fish were biting hand over fist and Gido just couldn’t keep up!   Steering the boat, organizing rods & reels, holding the net, bringing in fish and removing them from the hook.    And then…..too many slippery, floppy fish to contain and too many lost – trying to measure them on a ruler strip stuck to the edge or the back of the boat.  Fish everywhere!

And on top of all that action………the two little boys just wanted to hold their fish!  Hug it!  See it! Show it off!

So, after that hectic day Gido put his mind to work and came up with a solution.   The Fishing Scoop!